Frequently Asked Questions

Our users often raise these questions about what Jigsaw is and how it works.

What is Jigsaw?

Jigsaw is a virtual platform that provides a multi-dimensional, engaging learning environment. It is content agnostic and features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, meeting or class. To understand why Jigsaw is the perfect virtual learning solution, you must experience it live. Request a demo now, and we’ll walk you through all of our dynamic features.

Who is Jigsaw?

Jigsaw is the leading edge, multi-dimensional virtual environment for the next era in training and education. Our intuitive interface is a catalyst that transforms virtual training and virtual learning from passive listening to active, personalized learning. Our content agnostic platform features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class. As a privately owned company headquartered in Atlanta, our executives created the personalized virtual learning platform after experiencing a decline in their quality of life because they were on the road constantly, flying millions of miles to meet face-to-face with customers, prospects and staff.

How is Jigsaw different from other virtual training and learning platforms?

Jigsaw is a virtual platform that provides a multi-dimensional, engaging learning environment. There are no executable downloads required to share your desktop or applications. Everything is provided through our secure servers, which significantly reduces lag time. Unlike other web conferencing systems, the presenter has multiple tools available and the learners have the ability to review data, information, 3DS models, videos, and other information independent of the presenter or other attendees.

Additional features that facilitate engagement, interaction and collaboration:

  • Video and text chat
  • Independent movement within the presentation
  • Data and model manipulation during the presentation
  • Group and individual note boards and whiteboards with Adobe® PDF capability

Can I customize Jigsaw to meet the needs of my company, school or organization?

Yes. We call that ‘Build Your Own Jigsaw.’ We provide the ability to brand your company, school or organization’s name to the application. We can utilize your logo and brand colors to design your training, meeting or class application.

Who should I call or contact to discuss Jigsaw in more detail?

To find out more about Jigsaw please call 877.571.0004 or send us a note by clicking here.

How do I subscribe to Jigsaw?

To find out more about Jigsaw please call 877.571.0004 or send us a note by clicking here.

How do I know that my account information is secure?

Our state-of-the-art technology encrypts data traveling between your computer and our server, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access your account information. We use SSL, the most trusted method of securing Internet transactions today. We are also PCI compliant to ensure all data is secured.

Is there sales tax charged if I buy Jigsaw?

At this time we do not charge sales tax.

Who has the right to host or schedule a training, meeting or class?

Jigsaw is licensed by named hosts and a set number of attendees per host. The three different levels of attendees are host, presenter and attendee. Only named hosts can schedule a training, meeting or class. The host can assign multiple presenters who will have rights and access to add data to the training, meeting or class. There can also be multiple attendees. The attendee has the capability to view and manipulate certain data provided by either the host or presenters.

How many individuals can join?

Jigsaw is licensed by named hosts and a set number of attendees per host. The subscription you purchase determines the number of attendees that can join a training, meeting or class. Any subscription can be upgraded immediately to add more attendees.

What if I need to increase the number of individuals who can join a training, meeting or class?

Multiple subscription plans are available. If you choose one plan and discover that you need more host and/or attendee accesses, you can always upgrade to the next package. Jigsaw will also work with you to identify your specific needs and will build a customized subscription package if necessary.

Can I create groups of people so that I can simply invite the group?

Yes. When you add a contact to your database, you are actually adding them to your Participant Database. You can create the group and easily add or remove participants to and from the group.

Do I have to create new training, meeting or classes that have the same content?

No. If the content is the same for each training, meeting or class, then simply create a recurring meeting. This allows you to utilize the same content over a designated time period. If the content is not the same, you can clone a meeting and remove or add presenters, attendees and content as needed.

Do I need a conference call-in number for the audio portion of a training, meeting or class?

No. Jigsaw utilizes VoIP for the audio portion of your training, meeting or class. You can utilize conference numbers should your company choose, but our recommendation is to utilize our complete technology package and ultimately save costs. To utilize VoIP effectively, we recommend using headsets that can be plugged into your computer for noise and feedback cancellation and to ensure better sound quality.

How do I know my system has the necessary upgrades and connectivity for Jigsaw?

Jigsaw will do a complete system check of your computer with our “Test Your PC Before The Meeting” tool. It will identify what hardware you have and whether or not you are running the latest version of critical programs, such as Adobe® Flash® 11.1 Player. It will also identify whether your Internet connection is fast enough to enable smooth graphic, 3DS models, animation, and video encoders/streaming videos without delays and choppiness. Our system will prompt you to download software upgrades and will allow you to test your computer’s video/audio capabilities.

Should I run Jigsaw in a new browser window?

Yes. For optimal use, Jigsaw should run in a new browser window. Simply disable pop-up blockers. If it runs in the current browser window, it competes with a crowd of toolbars, tabs, address bars, menus, etc. for each user. We have excellent documentation and support should you need assistance.

How do I start using Jigsaw?

Once you, your company, your school or your organization have subscribed to Jigsaw, you will be sent access information. By clicking on the link, you will be prompted to complete a brief profile that includes setting your password. Once that information is complete, you are ready to start using Jigsaw.

To find out more about Jigsaw please call 877.571.0004 or send us a note by clicking here.

Are my training sessions, meetings or classes and information secure?

Yes. Jigsaw uses 256 bit enforced encryption along with SSL layers to ensure all levels of information is secure. We use the highest security standards to protect user privacy and access to data, information and systems. We utilize complete end-to-end 256-bit enforced encryption (AES – Advanced Encryption Standard) for all meeting data including but not limited to information, graphics, files, screen images, chat text, whiteboard session, 3D models and animation. We are also PCI compliant, which ensures additional security of processing payment information.

How do I ensure that only the individuals I invite can join my training, meeting or class?

You control whom you invite by utilizing e-mail invitations. Once you have sent an invitation to a prospective attendee, they will be able to join the meeting through a link in the invitation. Prior to actually joining the meeting, the invitee must set up his or her profile, including a password that they will utilize any time they are invited to Jigsaw. The Jigsaw username is an individual’s e-mail address, which will auto-populate from the invitation link.

Can I add someone to my training, meeting or class after the initial email invitation?

Yes. After your initial e-mail invitation, you can send out multiple invitations to your scheduled trainings, meetings or classes, if there are other attendees who need to participate. Should you need to add attendees later, you can select which individuals the application sends the invitations to. You can also invite someone to the meeting after the meeting has started by simply going to the Invite Attendee page, adding his or her e-mail address and hitting the Send Invitations button. They will be able to join the meeting in progress by clicking on the Log In link and following the process. As the host, you also have the ability to add someone from inside the meeting.

How does Jigsaw get past the firewalls at my company, organization or school?

There should be no firewall issues because you are not downloading software. In fact, we are not coming into your “e-space.” You are coming to the Internet to log in to us. If you have Internet capability, you can utilize Jigsaw because it is totally web enabled. We utilize the main Internet ports that most organizations open for their team members to access data on the web. In the unlikely event that you cannot access Jigsaw due to extreme firewall lockouts by your company, we can work with your IT department and open a tunnel to allow access to the Jigsaw application.

Are all training sessions, meetings or classes and information archived?

We archive the following:

  • Your training, meeting or class is archived if you record it using our server side recording method these are also archived.
  • The reports that automatically run after a training, meeting or class ends are archived for 90 days

How long does Jigsaw keep my archived information?

Archived reports are kept for 90 days. You can choose to have these reports archived longer at an additional charge for long term archiving. Archived Recordings are available as long as you like. You have a certain amount of storage included in your agreement. You have the option of downloading your recordings and storing them elsewhere. There is an additional charge for storage space beyond the contracted amount.

Is there a charge for archiving my training, meeting or class?

There is no charge for archiving your reports for 90 days. If want them stored longer within Jigsaw, there will be an additional charge. There is no charge for archiving your videos, as long as you do not exceed your contracted storage limit. Once storage limit is exceeded, there is an additional storage fee. For pricing information on longer-term archiving or additional storage please contact sales at 877-571-0004.

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