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Online Training Software: Top 3 Ways to Engage Adult Learners

Older members of your organization may not be so keen to embrace technological innovations you’ve introduced in the workplace. Most of the time, they find comfort in the familiar, no matter how outdated this may be—or no matter how much the familiar impedes their progress. With online training software for example, they may believe that virtual training isn’t as effective as traditional, classroom-based training. But that’s probably because of two things: they’ve never tried it or their initiation into online training didn’t go as smoothly as they expected. It’s not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; you’ve just got to be creative in how to do it.

With your online training software on-hand, you can readily customize the lessons to encourage trainee engagement according to each learner’s needs, skills, and capacities. For adult learners, here are three ways to keep them engaged:

Gamify training

Using your online training software, customize your modules in a way that will have them playing games instead of simply reading training documents. By incorporating quizzes and choose-your-own scenario adventures, adult learners might not necessarily learn faster, but they might be more excited about discovering their own knowledge and expertise—if only to prove they can ace the quizzes. To keep them moving forward with their training, incorporate congratulatory messages and/or virtual rewards for every completed quiz. For “wrong” answers, provide ‘Try Again’ prompts and hints to help them.

Simple, straightforward user interface

Your online training software should allow for simple navigation to encourage adult learners to stay for the courses. Menus with drop-down selections and then side sub-menus may seem complex to adult learners, which could translate to leaving the online training software platform without accessing any of the modules.

Allow for real time human interaction

Human interaction is still one of the best ways to keep one another engaged, regardless of age. In online training, this means real-time discussions with other trainees and one-on-one Q&A’s with the instructor. One-on-one discussions with the instructor is particularly helpful when lessons are hard to grasp, or clarifications need to be made to ensure that the trainees are indeed on the right learning track.

To learn more about Jigsaw’s advanced online training software, we encourage you to request a demo here. For questions or inquiries, please feel free to give us a call at 877-571-0004 at your convenience. We look forward to showing you the Jigsaw difference!

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