Use Jigsaw for Virtual Summer School

Because every student deserves the opportunity to learn, even if it means additional time in the classroom.

Summer school is expensive, and many schools have either eliminated it or significantly reduced access to it.

Yet, a record number of students need the extra assistance that summer school provides. Traditional summer school can also challenge both teacher and parent as they plan their resources and time for the summer.

Jigsaw meets these challenges by providing a convenient and cost effective virtual classroom that fully tracks active attendance, student progress and activities. Using Jigsaw’s virtual learning platform to offer virtual classes significantly reduces the cost of summer school because there are no facility maintenance and utilities or maintenance staff costs involved. And, because teachers can provide instruction from the convenience of their home, many teachers would welcome the opportunity to teach students who need the extra time. Jigsaw also solves the transportation and time dilemma for parents. They are also assured their child receives good instruction through the performance and results tracking that Jigsaw provides.

Jigsaw provides a complete tracking and reporting system that includes things such as how long a student is actively involved, real time individual and group progress, comparative reviews, individual activities and various test results.

Learn more about who uses Jigsaw and why it works.

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