Use Jigsaw for Virtual Education Programs

Because virtual learning is a multi-dimensional activity that requires more than one person and a computer.

The most successful virtual education programs extend way beyond students sitting in front of computers.

Actual virtual learning occurs through student-teacher interaction, multi-dimensional content and lots of hands-on activities.

Jigsaw provides a virtual classroom that changes the dynamics of learning for both teachers and students. Instead of passive listening by the students as the teacher controls every detail of the classroom, teachers can now set the expectation that the student is accountable and responsible for activities and content review. Because everyone learns differently, Jigsaw provides a platform that lets each student learn using their own style so they optimize their learning time in the classroom.

The teacher can hold each student accountable for paying attention and completing activities and can track learning in real time. This provides a unique opportunity to correct a misunderstanding or strengthen the learning for each student and the class.

Jigsaw tracks how long each student is actively involved and assesses exactly what a student has learned throughout a session. It also tracks how long each student is actively in the classroom and if they have been removed from the session due to inactivity.

Jigsaw accommodates an unlimited number of teaching techniques and learning styles to give everyone an opportunity to effectively share information and ideas.

Learn more about who uses Jigsaw and why it works.

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