Use Jigsaw for Product Training

Because your entire team must have a solid understanding of your company, products and services.

When a company brings a new product to the market, everyone in the organization needs to understand what it is, what it does and how to talk about it.

Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional, virtual training platform delivers the most convenient, cost-effective and efficient tool for communicating up-to-date product information, value propositions and customer benefits.

Your product development team can review relevant product specs using Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional platform. Showing what the product is, does and how to discuss the key points of the new product is very important to a successful product launch.

Use Jigsaw to ensure your entire team understands all the key aspects and easily confirm that their knowledge is solid. Easily hold multiple sessions, based on the roles that employees play in the organization, and monitor the attendance, participation and understanding of each person.

Learn more about who uses Jigsaw and why it works.

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