Use Jigsaw for Master’s Degree Thesis Reviews

Because the most successful and conclusive defense results from collaboration and real time feedback.

The most successful thesis review processes require open, real time communication between the students and their mentor/coach to facilitate proper guidance.

However, master’s candidates and their review boards cannot always meet in an environment that is convenient and effective for both parties.

Jigsaw gives each student and coach the opportunity to meet virtually to review the various stages of the thesis. Because a large portion of the thesis is built on various foundations and research, the coach can individually review the data with the student and question or discuss the important foundations on which their research is based.  Through the dynamic capabilities that Jigsaw’s virtual learning platform offers, the coach and student can collaborate, review and evaluate the overall basis of the thesis being developed while engaging in real time feedback.

Students can present and defend using Jigsaw’s recording and documentation capabilities, and their coach can review and critique the recordings anytime.

Learn more about who uses Jigsaw and why it works.

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