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Because while training is necessary, it does not have to be expensive or inconvenient.

Training is an expensive but necessary part of running an organization or business.

Today, training is either done in a traditional classroom type setting, a sterile one dimensional and passive computer program or using a single dimensional web conferencing system. Each of these environments do not promote dynamic learning nor can they give the facilitator a real time understanding of whether each individual, or the group, understands the materials being covered. Test and assessment results come after the training is over, so the opportunity for correcting is lost. Engagement and participation is almost non-existent due to single-dimensional platforms that just push data to everyone.

Jigsaw provides a multi-dimensional learning environment that changes passive listeners to active learners. We believe employees know the importance of training, want to be effective at their job and would like to be promoted within the organization. Our platform includes all three pillars of learning:  knowledge, experiential and application. And, because we know everyone learns differently, Jigsaw offers a very personalized approach that allows each person to determine what, how and how long information is presented to them, so they can optimize their learning opportunity.

Using Jigsaw lets the facilitator utilize multiple media types simultaneously so interest and engagement are enhanced. The facilitator can now expect engagement and participation and get real time results that each participant is focused and active in the session.  Follow up training is now more efficient and cost effective, so companies have better performing and more satisfied employees.

Jigsaw tracks and reports all activities, engagement, participation, test or survey results and performance for both individuals and the group. We also track active attendance and the amount of time each participant is in the session. These reports are available real time, and once the session is over and are exportable for comparative reviews and other data analysis.

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