Use Jigsaw for Executive Leadership Training

Because technology and competition changes business requirements so rapidly, executives have to stay on top of these changes and their potential impact on business.

For executives, every minute is valuable. Leadership training is critical, but with the cost of training usually being out-of-pocket, attending these sessions can be a burden. Jigsaw’s executive training software can provide a more affordable solution. With our virtual leadership training platform, nothing will hinder attendance—and attention—ever again.

With Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional, virtual training platform, organizations can conduct effective leadership training in a dynamic learning environment.

Jigsaw offers a learning platform that allows each person the ability to determine what data is most important to them, and lets them independently review information in formats that can meet their learning style. The facilitator becomes the coach for the group to ensure expectations and goals of the executive leadership training program are met.

The facilitator can easily identify who is actively involved and can hold each participant accountable. Jigsaw also monitors real-time progress of each participant, as well as the group, through various types of activities and assessments.

Company-wide benefits

When the company’s top executives undergo training, it’s not only the trainees themselves that benefit from the program, but more importantly, it’s the entire business that reaps the rewards of virtual leadership training.

How so?

First off, company executives receive training that will equip them with the skills to keep up with the latest business trends. This knowledge can help them strategize and plan for the next steps to edge out the competition—a factor that is crucial to any type of business.

Secondly, they can receive training and get the latest information on best practices and theories on leadership; all of which can be applied on the job. In other words, skills and information learned and developed through these training programs will put your organization on par with—if not better than—your competitors in the industry to which you belong.

Here at Jigsaw, we fully understand the importance of continuous training, not only for executives but also for the rest of organization, which is why we have created a virtual platform that will make attending the training easier and more cost-effective.

Our executive leadership training platform enables you to provide the right training for your team no matter where they are in the world. For corporations with offices (or affiliates) in several different locations, our virtual platform is the ideal solution. Train your organization’s top leaders individually or as a group, any day of the week. Knowing how busy executives are, they may not be able to afford being away from work for a day or two just for training. But with our training software, they can receive training anytime and anywhere.

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