Use Jigsaw for Clinical Reviews

Because healthcare teams must be quickly and efficiently connected to ensure the best patient outcomes.

As disease states and healthcare becomes more complex, the healthcare team managing the patient is larger and more diverse.

Given schedules, patient responsibilities, grand rounds and other demands on each person’s time it is difficult, if not impossible, to get everyone together to discuss the patient’s care and responsiveness to the treatment.  Being able to virtually connect the team to review patient status, treatment plans, discharge plans and medication management helps ensure the individual parts of treatment come together for better patient outcomes.

Jigsaw makes patient review sessions convenient for all team members because they can join from anywhere.  Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional application brings the healthcare team together in a virtual environment to share patient data and work on treatment plan modifications that might be needed.  Because Jigsaw allows uploading of X-rays, sonograms, images, and other related type files the entire team can view and discuss the various test results for better patient outcomes.  It also gives the team an opportunity to bring any specialist from around the world to a virtual health review to consult on the treatment plan.

Jigsaw also offers each team member an easy option to connect with the patient’s family anytime and helps ensure all family members are involved in understanding the diagnosis and treatment regardless of where the family member is.

Learn more about who uses Jigsaw and why it works.

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