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Our content agnostic, virtual platform features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class.

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Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional tools make it the most versatile virtual training and education platform for professionals in Corporate, Education, Government and Health Care industries.

Executive Leadership For executives, every minute is valuable. Leadership training is critical but the cost of being out of pocket to attend these sessions can hinder attendance and attention. With Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional, virtual training platform, organizations can conduct effective leadership training in a dynamic learning environment. Learn more.



Virtual Education Programs The most successful virtual learning programs extend way beyond students sitting in front of computers. Actual learning occurs through student-teacher interaction, multi-dimensional content and lots of hands-on activities. Jigsaw provides a virtual classroom that changes the dynamics of learning for both teachers and students. Learn more.

Management and Supervisory Training Even the most talented employees need help understanding their new roles and responsibilities when promoted into supervisory or management positions. Because new supervisors or managers need to get an understanding of so many things quickly, Jigsaw is an effective tool to get them up to speed. Learn more.



Patient Education Programs Patients and their families can be most vulnerable—and least focused—when receiving significant information and instructions from physicians and nurses during a hospital stay. Once home, many questions can arise. Jigsaw provides a solid communication and education opportunity that can include multiple family members as they participate in a live virtual educational and treatment program to get their family member healthy again. Learn more.

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