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Empowerment through Corporate Training Software

Having empowered employees is the dream of every leader. All managers want people who show initiative by taking on and completing tasks with little guidance. Have you ever considered using corporate training software to empower your employees, especially on the leadership side? One of the greatest skills an effective manager can have is the ability to coach and to empower their staff. Using corporate training software can help your managers achieve their empowerment goals quickly. Here are some ways on how managers and other leaders can use technology to empower their people:

1. Encourage open communication. So many companies are built on top-down communication from management. Employees in this environment feel there is no purpose in taking a stand since they have no direct channel and don’t feel like they will have an impact. Using a training software program makes the employee feel that they are able to speak up since training doesn’t follow a rigid set of rules and structure the way traditional training does. Inputs and suggestions are freely given and asked for.

2. Reward self-improvement. Many leaders complain that employees are stagnant but do little to help them grow. In such cases, management somehow has the idea that promotion and money are sufficient enough to get people to advance. More often than not however, people don’t have the resources or knowledge of what to do. Budget dollars and time toward management and personal development training. Help employees set a plan for growth and reward them as they advance. They’ will be grateful and apply their newly learned skills as they step up to leadership opportunities. Corporate training software allows you to do all these activities with minimal cost.

3. Encourage safe failures. Many employees, by their very nature, are adverse to risks. If they work in an environment where the boss is always correcting them before they have a chance to execute, they will constantly look for approval before taking action or worse, simply avoid any new or dynamic action. Give employees the opportunity to try new things in a way that won’t put the company in danger. Create milestone checkpoints or set up laboratory environments where people can test new ideas and learn from the failures as well as the successes. Soon enough your employees will gain understanding and feel comfortable innovating.

To know more about our corporate training software and other programs, please feel free to contact us at (877) 571 0004.

Reasons to Use Virtual Training Software for Businesses

Do business owners really need virtual training software for businesses? Here are ways to assess if you need this for your business or not.

Instructor-led training (ILT) used to be the primary way to train employees across the nation; but times are changing. It’s now a global economy. Your teams are scattered throughout the country and employees are working remotely. Virtual training provides the much-needed flexibility that teams are looking for. Whether you have team members scattered throughout the country or the world, virtual training can bring them together for team-based training in our live virtual classroom.

Aside from efficiency, it’s cost effective too! Having someone come on-site could be too expensive, never mind having the whole team travel out anywhere. That’s why virtual training software are the best value, delivering the same high-quality, customized training without any travel or logistics costs.

To know more about virtual training software for businesses and other training courses, contact us at (877) 571 0004.

Online Training Software for Reseller Programs

Get the online virtual training tools you need at Jigsaw to complete a custom reseller partner program. Compared to traditional settings, virtual training will enable you to onboard, train, and manage more resellers. Online training software will also make communication and information management easier and faster for sales managers and resellers alike.

Whether your reseller program is for retail or direct selling, Jigsaw’s virtual training software is easy to set up and easy to follow. It can connect resellers anywhere around the world for training, strategizing, and executing business goals.

Get a free demo today and experience firsthand the ease by which you can document policies, facilitate training, conduct certifications—Jigsaw’s software is designed to be a one-stop shop for active learning.

Our multi-dimensional online training software is widely used across corporate, education, government, and healthcare sectors. For inquiries about our virtual learning program or to avail of a free demo, please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-571-0004.

Jigsaw is Top 50 Most Admired Companies by The Silicon Review


A leader in online and corporate virtual training software, Jigsaw has been awarded the top 50 Admired Companies by The Silicon Review.

Our team at Jigsaw is honored by this award and it is a testament to the value we provide to clients in the virtual training world. Our software allows businesses, companies and any organization to efficiently deliver immersive learning in a multidimensional training room, virtually. This helps cut costs while allowing members to attend from multiple locations, and still do it all in a personalized setting that gets the message across.

Request a Demo today to see how Jigsaw can help your organization.

For inquiries on Jigsaw’s training software, contact us at 877-571-0004 today!

Corporate Training Software: Soft Skills Development

Browse any job listing site and chances are you’ll see how soft skills like good communication skills and problem-solving skills are highly prioritized by employers. Soft skills are vital for business success, which is why a corporate training software that can aid their development will prove to be a valuable investment.

Whether you’re an executive or a staff member, your soft skills—or lack thereof—will always matter. For one, soft skills aren’t just easily learned anywhere; they need to be honed and practiced more often than not. Second, they can either make you and your organization stand out from the rest or stick out like a sore thumb in an unpleasant way.

From empathy and negotiation, to public speaking and leadership skills, soft skills can lay the foundation for a successful career. Jigsaw’s virtual learning solutions are designed just for that; to help your staff acquire the necessary soft skills they need.

For inquiries on Jigsaw’s corporate training software or to request a demo, contact us at 877-571-0004 today!

Online Training Software for Active, Personalized Learning

Undisputedly, virtual training, or the use of online training software has helped many organizations grow and adapt with the times. Aside from the financial benefits, virtual training has become popular because it is able to solve various training and logistical problems that have frustrated facilitators.

This is why we have positioned our virtual training software to further promote active and personalized learning in the workplace. Contingent to our understanding of the value behind continuous skills training of staff to manage talent and hone potential, our software features:

  • Role play recording with immediate playback capability, individual data review and immersive learning projects to encourage active learning among the participants
  • Engagement documentation to help make training evaluations and assessments easier, simpler, and faster; data insights may also be accessed in different formats for independent review
  • Real-time monitoring of each participant or the entire group to ensure learning is occurring

For inquiries about Jigsaw’s online training software or to request a demo, contact us at 877-571-0004 today!

Equip New Hires with the Proper Skills with Jigsaw’s Corporate Training Software

Thanks to Jigsaw’s corporate training software, you can say goodbye to the days when you have to schedule onboarding seminars for new hires. With our virtual training platform, you can immediately train new hires as they come in, allowing them to immediately undergo the required training to equip them with the necessary skills and information essential to their productivity and performance during their first weeks with the company—and subsequently, for the long-term.

Our corporate training software features tools that allow the instructor or trainer to check each new hire’s progress—even without being physically present. And on the part of the new hires, the software has a user-friendly interface. It’s designed to be easy enough to use that even those who aren’t adept with the dynamics of virtual training won’t have a hard time navigating through the menu to access documents and modules included in their training sessions.

By streamlining the training process with our corporate training software, your company is also able to save on costly training fees.

Strategize and Execute Business Plans On Time with Jigsaw’s Online Training Software

Jigsaw’s online training software is more than just a tool for training your employees, new hires, and executive teams. Our advanced virtual training platform also allows companies to hold meetings and conferences in real time regardless of location.

What this means for you is that you can immediately call for a meeting to discuss business matters and strategies with your team. Our online training software eliminates the challenges that go with distance and location—a more convenient solution compared to having to wait for everyone to be in the same location, o

Planning and executing business plans usually come with a strict deadline. Having a way to conceptualize and strategize without waiting for everyone on your team to be physically present allows your teams to be more efficient and effective. For any type of business, delays in planning and execution can be costly. This is why we designed our online training software in a way that will also assist you with your business strategies, not just training.

Executive Leadership Training Anytime, Anywhere

Executive leadership training provides your company’s top management with the opportunity to learn new skills, as well as enhance or further develop existing ones. It goes without saying that good leadership is the glue that binds the company’s workforce together. Ineffective leadership affects all aspects of the business, particularly employee relations and performance. Train your executive team from wherever they are and at any time with Jigsaw’s virtual training platform designed for business organizations.

Specialized executive leadership training programs equip your company’s top management with the skills and knowledge needed to propel the company forward. Designing and developing concepts that push the company towards a strategic direction play an important role in the business’ overall success. On top of these, effective leadership also entails knowing how to communicate with and motivate every member of the organization.

Jigsaw’s training platform isn’t only for executive leadership training. The software can also be utilized for all members of your organization. So whether you’re training your top executives or training an employee to get him or her ready for a managerial position, our virtual training platform is your all-in-one corporate training solution.

Build Up Your Employees’ Skills Through Virtual Sales Training

With your sales force often out doing field work, it can be a challenge to arrange schedules and round all of them up together for a training session. This is where a virtual sales training platform can assist you in honing your employees’ skills. Aside from addressing the logistical problems of training, it will also make your learning materials more accessible.

Engage your sales force on a whole new level and ensure they’re really learning. Jigsaw’s multi-dimensional online platform has all the effective tools you need to train and monitor your employees’ progress. From videos and presentations to documents and whiteboard and collaborative boards, you’ll be able to simultaneously run activities and show vital information as you need to and on the go.

For inquiries about our virtual sales training platform, or any of our other innovative technologies for businesses, please do not hesitate to contact us at 877-571-0004; we’d be glad to hear from you!

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