Unleash the power of online training software through virtual personalized learning for corporate, education and all industries.

Putting the pieces together to unleash the power of virtual personalized learning through online training software.

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For Corporate

Jigsaw improves the dynamics of online corporate training and business development. Our virtual corporate training software connects teams throughout the world for training, strategizing, and executing business goals.

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For Education

Jigsaw is revolutionizing the delivery of virtual training through online training software. Its virtual classroom is the most effective learning environment today. Teachers and students engage and collaborate. Knowledge is shared in real time.

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For Healthcare

Jigsaw’s secure virtual training platform effectively, efficiently, and affordably connects healthcare teams with each other and individuals they treat. Train staff, host faculty meetings, promote patient education, and relay treatment plans virtually – all with online training software.

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We transform virtual learning from passive listening to active, personalized learning.

Jigsaw is the leading edge, multi-dimensional, virtual, and personalized online training software. Our online corporate training platform features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session, or class.


Truly connecting is an intimate, in-depth, and personal concept, and the challenges are bigger in corporate training software. Jigsaw's online corporate training facilitates this connection among team members regardless of where they are. Jigsaw ensures engagement and learning happens in real time.


Engagement is a critical and fundamental pillar of learning. Jigsaw is the only online corporate training platform that fosters a collaborative environment to actively engage both the facilitator and the learner.


Multi-dimensional tools, active engagement, and personalized learning helps guarantee achievement. Jigsaw provides the unique capability to utilize all three components in a real-time learning environment that promotes individual and group achievement. Request a demo of our corporate training software to see the Jigsaw difference!

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Experience the Difference with Jigsaw's Online Training Software

With eLearning growing in popularity, companies from the world's biggest sectors—Corporate, Education, Government, and Healthcare—are now looking for online training software that makes learning richer and more dynamic, all without putting strain on their timelines and resources. Moreover, learners and companies now come in many different forms, which means they require personalized training through corporate training software that meets their increasingly complex and diverse needs.

We believe that the impact of online corporate training platforms to the success of any organization can be huge and highly substantial. Therefore, we work hard to create virtual corporate training software that greatly improves the dynamics of learning and business development.

Jigsaw puts the pieces together to unleash the power of virtual personalized learning. Through our online corporate training platform, learners and facilitators can:

  • Utilize multi-dimensional learning tools, training activities, and assessments that work simultaneously during training.
  • Benefit from personalized learning capabilities.
  • Receive real-time confirmation that learning is occurring.
  • Access data insights in different formats for independent review.
  • Document the levels of engagement for each individual or group.
  • Monitor real-time progress of each individual or group.

We transform virtual learning from passive listening to active, personalized learning.

Jigsaw is the leading edge, multi-dimensional, virtual personalized learning platform. Our online training software features interactive multimedia sharing, participant engagement tools and a reporting mechanism to effectively assess each training, session or class.

Customer Testimonials


GENBAND Wayne Moniz Director of Global Training Headquartered in Frisco, TX, Genband is a global company with major operations in 50 countries and provides IP-based real time communications software solutions and products for fixed wire-line, mobile and cable service providers and large enterprises. “The main issue I had was the inability to app share a


RUSH ENTERPRISES Courtney Cordova Director of Learning and Development Courtney Cordova, Director of Learning and Development, describes her company, Rush Enterprises, as the largest commercial truck dealer network in the US. Founded in 1965, Rush Enterprises is a full-service, integrated retailer of premium transportation and construction equipment and related services. In response to a national

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A leader in online and corporate virtual training software, Jigsaw has been awarded the top 50 Admired Companies by The Silicon Review. Our team at Jigsaw is honored by this award and it is a testament to the value we provide to clients in the virtual training world. Our software allows businesses, companies and any organization […]

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